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Yummy 3

What is it?

Yummy 3 is a ground-up re-write of Yummy 2. It keeps pretty much all the existing functionality but wraps it in an improved user interface and more reliable sync infrastructure.

The new version also allows you to log into multiple accounts at the same time and has a “full text search” engine, meaning you can find your bookmarks even quicker than before.

Are any Yummy 2.x features missing?

A few minor features didn’t make the transition:

  • Saved searches
  • Picking URLs from the clipboard and automatically presenting the “add” screen
  • Tag suggestions
  • The URL scheme (and bookmarklet)
  • Built-in share to Instapaper, Pocket, etc.

The first three we are already planning to add back (though we can’t guarantee that or promise when). The other two we don’t feel are necessary any longer now that iOS supports “extensions.”

If you feel that you have a valid use case where these are important, please let us know using the feedback button in the about screen. We can’t guarantee that they’ll be added back but your thoughts always influence future directions.

How many bookmarks are supported?

In fact, the number of tags has a far greater impact on performance than the number of bookmarks. You would probably find that 15,000 bookmarks with no tags works better than a small number of bookmarks with 1000 tags.

Having said that, there is no hard coded limit. In normal use, I have around 4500 bookmarks and that works fine on an iPhone 5 and an iPad 3.


Where is the ‘refresh’ button?

You should never need to use it! Yummy uses the background refresh functionality (introduced in iOS 7) so that all your bookmarks are downloaded and available for use before you even launch the app.

It also refreshes when you open the app and every few minutes when you have it open.

If there’s a problem, you can tap the “Force Sync” button under Settings -> Account.

I get errors

Waiting a bit and trying again works most of the time. You might also like to try switch networks, for example from cell to WiFi or vice versa.

Tap the feedback button in the About box if you persistently get the same problem.

What does “Find missing titles” do?

Delicious used to support automatically adding links you posted to Twitter. Unfortunately it made them available via the API without titles. This option tries to fetch the title of these bookmarks where possible.

I didn’t see the error!

Go back to the main menu and look to the top right. If there’s an exclamation mark icon you can tap it and see the last error for each account that you’re signed into.

Adding bookmarks

I used the bookmarklet in Yummy 2. Where did it go?

iOS 8 has “share extensions” meaning that you can save a bookmark without launching Yummy at all! From Safari, or any other app that supports the standard, system wide sharing system, just tap the “Save Bookmark” icon.

(Please send feedback using the button in the app if you’d like to see the URL scheme and the bookmarklet adding back.)

What happened to tag suggestions?

The plan is to add them back in a subsequent version, but there are no guarantees if or when this will happen.

Editing bookmarks

How do I edit bookmarks?

Go to the bookmark list. Swipe left on the bookmark. Select “Edit.” From this menu you can also delete bookmarks and mark Pinboard.in links as read (Delicious does not support this feature).

I can’t edit the URL

Nope. This is not supported in the API.

Viewing bookmarks

The “i” button in the browser leads to an empty screen

Sometimes the bookmark you save have extra characters at the end used of tracking. When you visit the site again a redirect might remove them, which means that the URL and the bookmark no longer match. Unfortunately there is no way for Yummy to reconcile the two.

Multi account support

I can’t see an add account button

See the section below on In-App Purchases.

I want to look for bookmarks in a single account

Go back to the main menu and select the account. Searches should now only affect the selected account.

I want to look for tags in a single account

Please let me know why you think this would be useful using the Feedback button in the about box.

Full Text Search

Where does Yummy search when I use the full text search?

It looks in the title, notes and tags fields.

Why can’t I choose which fields to search in?

In fact it can, though by default it searches in all fields. You can search in specific fields like this:

tags:word1 title:word2 notes:word3

This search means word1 in the tags field and word2 in the title field and word3 in the notes.

I don’t see my bookmark

Try using a more specific search term. A single search will return at most 250 results.

I want to search for a phrase

"word1 word2"

I want to search for one of two words

word1 OR word2

I want to search for the stem of a word


I want to search for two words that occur near one another

word1 NEAR word2

And you can mix all the above…

For example, “title:apple AND bond NEAR last” finds this tweet in my Pinboard.in library.

These examples don’t work!

Do you have full text search? (If you see the “Tag, name, notes” control under the search box you do not.)

Did you put any key words (NEAR, OR, etc) in upper case?

In-App Purchases

I bought Yummy on my iPhone but I don’t see full text search on my iPad

Go to the Upgrade screen and tap the “Restore” button.

I just bought the app, why are you charging me again?

The features unlocked by the IAP — multi-account support and full text search — are new to Yummy 3 and are what we consider to be “pro” features. We feel that this is fair to both existing customers and those new to Yummy to charge extra for these advanced features.

My partner bought Yummy and I’m using it through Family Sharing, but I don’t see multi-account support?

Unfortunately Apple does not share IAP through Family Sharing. You will need to purchase the IAP again.

Yummy 2.x

Yummy 2.x is no longer supported now that Yummy 3 is generally available. It should still work but we cannot provide support or bug fixes any more. Please upgrade to iOS 8 and Yummy 3.

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